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The Law Mind helps Claims Management Companies and their many customers gain compensation from mis-sold financial products through a litigated process to make a claim based on an unfair relationship.

What is an unfair relationship claim?

Many consumers who were persuaded to take payment protection insurance (PPI) with their finance were misled about the true nature of the insurance premium. Consumers were not told that a large proportion of the insurance premium was, in fact, commission paid to the brokers and lenders for their profits. This meant consumers not only paid for the secret commission but also paid interest on the finance relating to those sums.

This was scandalous and the largest breach of consumer trust by financial institutions in recent memory.

Think this was unfair? So did the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, in its much-celebrated judgment in the case of Plevin v. Paragon.

Partner with us

The Law Mind provide to Claims Management Companies a valuable partnership opportunity.

We offer our partners a choice of three simple partnership arrangements.

  1. A fully managed end to end service – This is particularly attractive to CMC’s who have ceased activity since the PPI deadline.  This model is a zero investment requirement on the part of the CMC of either revenue or resources.  The Law Mind conducts a customer re-marketing exercise in order to maximise the number of cases and litigates each of them to conclusion.
  2. Packaged case referrals – This model means that the CMC conducts their own customer onboarding and refers cases to us.  We litigate them all to conclusion.
  3. Fire and forget – The Law Mind provide a detailed market valuation of your caseload.

Our unique offering:

Speed of service – we pride ourselves in the ability to move quickly and bring cases to a successful conclusion, often within weeks of starting the litigation process, meaning that we offer our partners with a speedy route to cash as possible.

Fully managed service – a truly end to end service meaning that our partners can be assured that we focus our resources to engaging customers and delivering successful outcomes. We have a slick process in place to do this and it is the most popular service we provide to our partners.

Resource to cope – we have built our processes to handle large volumes of cases and our litigation team is extensive.

Highly experienced – our financial litigation team have been operating in pursuing unfair relationship claims for many years and are very proactive in case settlements.

We do not ‘cherry pick’ – Unlike other law firms operating in the sector, we pursue all cases regardless of claim value.

Accurate reporting and payments – we provide our partners with monthly reports on their caseloads and payments as successful settlements are achieved.

Dedicated account management – We shall assign a single point of contact who shall act as your account manager, whose job it is to ensure that you are kept informed on the progress of your caseload and to facilitate the smooth running of your business with us.

Please contact our Head of Partnerships, Steve on his email Or give him a call on 07912021160, he would be delighted to speak with you.

Join our club and realise the value of your caseload!

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